ABC Literacy

Events Calendar: Book Collection for NJ State Prison's L.I.F.E. Program

L.I.F.E. students and tutors are continually in need of books for the L.I.F.E library. Supporters of ABC Literacy are encouraged to purchase a book from one of our book lists or be on the look out for books of interest (see list below). The project provides L.I.F.E. students with appropriate level books to practice their new reading skills and books for tutor recreational reading. Books may be taken to the Nassau Presbyterian Church office (weekdays 9AM-5PM and Sunday mornings) with a note identifying that the book is for the ABC Literacy book drive. For further information email ABC Literacy at

Books for reading levels 1-6

Books for new readers

In addition individual L.I.F.E. members have requested:

  • Reference books such as:
    • The Encyclopedia of World History by Peter Stearns
    • The Oxford Essential World Atlas
    • The Greatest Stores Never Told by Rick Beyer
  • Instructional material - English, math and science
  • Popular - light reading
  • Military History
  • Korean language novels
  • A history of Ireland
  • Books on Meditation and Buddhism
  • Modern Greece - history, culture
  • Books by Tom Clancy, W.E.B. Griffin, Jonathan Kellerman, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, George Orwell, James Patterson, John Saul, Peter Straub, Leon Uris